Currency Exchange by GC Partners

At LWL Properties we welcome the opportunity to provide an added value service to our clients.  After a considerable amount of research we are delighted to advise that LWL Properties have formed a partnership with GC Partners to offer you the very best in foreign exchange services.  They are HMRC and FCA regulated and authorised. They also understand the need to deliver a highly competitive exchange rate with no hidden costs, each and every time. GC Partners eliminate the risk of fluctuating currency rates by fixing the rate at the time of the currency purchase. With a minimum amount to transfer of £250 they transfer your money to or from Portugal simply, quickly and cost effectively. You can pay GC Partners by debit card or bank transfer completely free. Other methods of purchasing currency are forward buying (up to 1 year), and monthly payments.

A UK based company, their office in Portugal specialises in overseas clients buying, and selling in Portugal, including the Scandinavian, American and UK markets.

Protect yourself against fluctuating exchange rates

Small movements in the exchange rate can prove costly when purchasing a property overseas.  Planning ahead and fixing your exchange rate at the time of agreeing the purchase can save you thousands and give you the peace of mind of knowing how much your property in Portugal will cost you.

If you intending on purchasing a €350,000 property and agree the sale when the exchange rate is 1.22, your property will cost £286,885.24.  If the exchange rate drops to 1.20 when you complete same property now costs £291,666.66.  That’s an extra £4700!

Planning ahead and fixing the exchange rate for the future could have saved you thousands of pounds.

Of course, exchange rates can go up as well as down.  In order to minimize the risk LWL Properties recommend our clients speak to GC Partners to discuss the cheapest, easiest and safest way to transfer their money.

The first step is to register with GC Partners.  Registration is completely free and with no obligation but it is necessary for our currency partners to make a quotation.  Click on the link below and we will ask our currency partners to contact you as soon as possible to explain their services directly.

Your account with GC partners remains open so you can use it at any time to send money anywhere in the world. They have no maximum amount to transfer and can therefore assist with transfers for businesses, property sales and purchase, foreign investment etc.