Fiscal Representation

Why do you need a Fiscal Representative?

When you purchase a property in Portugal your status as resident or non-resident is registered on the deeds of purchase. Whilst it is no longer a legal requirement that all non-residents who purchase a property or hold assets in Portugal appoint a fiscal representative, we still recommend it.

Your fiscal representative is legally responsible to receive your rates, property tax bills, changes in fiscal assessments etc, and ensure that you are aware of them. They will also make sure payment is made within the designated time limit.  If these bills are not paid, your property could be at risk. The finance department will enter into correspondence with the designated fiscal representative in Portuguese, and your representative will ensure all correspondence is understood, and that you are informed as required.

The authorities in Portugal take delays and non-payment very seriously; rates bills are normally sent out in April, July and November with a due date for payment without incurring penalties. For an annual fee your representative will advise you of your bill, give you plenty of time to pay, and provide several methods of payment.

Your fiscal representative will receive all correspondence on your behalf from the Finance Department, a will advise you of bills that need to be paid for your property taxes, etc; once funds are received from you they will pay on them your behalf. They will also apply for a password for internet access, and advise you of any major fiscal changes in the law that would affect your property ownership in Portugal.